Cash Back Rebate Apps

Get Paid to Grocery Shop with Cash Back Apps

Rebates are nothing new in this world. Paper rebates have existed for ages. Ask your grandma! However, new technology is finally here. Grocery rebate apps can be downloaded to your smartphone and used to earn cash back on your grocery purchases. And if you love to use coupons, you can score some great deals combining your coupons and cash back offers. I score lots of amazing deals. It’s like you are getting paid to grocery shop.

How do grocery rebate apps work?

  • Open the app on your smartphone.
  • Go grocery shopping.
  • Save your receipt.
  • Submit receipt.
  • Earn cash back!!

These are some apps that pay you cash back to grocery shop. IbottaCheckout 51Saving StarShopmiumMobisaveJingitShrinkSnap, CartSmart, Savings Catcher, Find&Save and Berrycart. Go ahead and download each of the apps and get started earning some cash back on your next trip to the grocery store. You can earn cash back TODAY!

Rebate apps actually pay you, yes that’s correct they pay you real cash, to buy groceries. To earn cash simply download each app to your smartphone, iPhone or Android. Then you go to the store and buy items listed in the app, pay for them at the register, upload your receipt through the app and wait to get paid. It’s so simple.

Rebate Apps that Pay You to Grocery Shop

Ibotta-squareIbotta – Better than Coupons
Payment: Paypal or Venmo
You can request payment when your balance is at least $10. There is also an option to redeem for gift cards such as, Starbucks and more.
How it works:
1. Unlock offers by watching a 12-second video, taking a poll, learning a fact, reading a recipe or learning product info.
2. Go to the store and purchase the products you unlocked in the app. Be sure to grab your receipt.
3. Use the app to take a pic of your receipt and send it to Ibotta.
4. Wait for them to process your receipt. They will add cash to your account.
Earn real cash bonuses:
There are a few ways to earn extra money through the app. That’s what makes this app fun! You can earn by referring friends & family, buying multiple brand name products and building a team through Facebook. You can earn about $20 – $40 in bonuses per month.

Checkout51Checkout 51
Payment: Request a check when your account balance reaches $20
How it works: View rebates in the app, purchase the products you like at any store, take a pic of your receipt through the app and submit the receipt to Checkout 51. Money will be added to your account balance. New items are added on Thursdays.

Payment: Paypal – No Minimum
How it Works: With this rebate app you buy any product you see listed, submit your receipt and Shopmium will send the money directly to your Paypal account. It doesn’t matter if you earned $0.25 or $1. There is no minimum needed to get paid.

NOTE: Use code KUYMGMCV to get a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar

ShrinkShrink– Brand Loyalty and Coupons
Payment: Paypal
You can request payment when your balance is at least $20.
How it works: View rebates, click the +add button for rebates you plan to buy, buy the products, submit your receipt and claim your rewards.
Loyalty perks: You get cash the first time you buy a product that shows up on your list of rebates. Then you will receive points each time you buy that same item. For example, I bought tomatoes and got $0.25. Now, every time I buy tomatoes I get 30 points. And I buy tomatoes every week! 1000 points = $1.


SnapSnap by Groupon
Payment: Request a check when your balance reaches $20
How it works: Add products to your shopping list, buy those items, submit your receipt and wait to get paid. New items are added on Wednesdays.



Payment: Paypal or Gift Card
You need a minimum of $5 to cashout
How it works: Berrycart is the healthy option as far as rebate apps go. They offer rebates that are non-gmo, gluten free, organic and vegan. Just unlock each offer by doing simple tasks, buy the rebate offers you chose and submit your receipt.

Saving StarSaving Star

Payment: Paypal. You need a minimum of $5 to cashout.
How it works: Buy the items you like listed in the app and submit your receipt. I love that Saving Star has Freebie Fridays! You get something for free every Friday. It’s usually candy, gum or something like that. But sometimes you get a real goody! I also like that they offer 20% off healthy foods like bananas.


Payment: Direct deposit to your bank or gift card
You need a minimum of $5 to be paid.
How it works: Buy the items you like listed in the app and submit your receipt. Keep an eye out for their grocery essentials section. They always have bread, eggs, chips and such.


MobisaveMobiSave – Shop and Save Anywhere

Saving money on groceries has never been easier. Shop Anywhere. No Minimum Payment. Fast Payment. Lots of Rebates. 

CartsmartCartsmart is pretty darn clever. Essentially it allows you to build a grocery list then it helps you find the best deals and coupons on those items at stores in your area. So the cool thing is that it helps you stay organized and save money in the process. Then when you are done shopping you simply snap a pic of your receipt for proof of purchase and then get paid within 48 hours. Your earnings are saved to your “SmartAccount” and get added to your linked bank account at your request.

Find&SaveFind&Save – They tell you which stores to shop at, you take a photo of your receipt and they’ll give you cash back; it’s really that simple! You can also find the latest coupons, see what’s on sale and browse the best deals at stores nearby.

There are 4 ways to get cash back with the Find&Save app:

  1. Cash Dash Alerts: They send you a notification when you’re near a store you can earn money, and the fun begins! Just shop at the store, take a photo of your receipt, and submit for cash.
  2. Cash Cart: Create your own bonus offers. You can select items from a weekly circular ad to build cash back offers.
  3. Cash Dash Tuesday: Get a bonus Cash Dash offer every week, without having to leave your home.
  4. Dash Rewards: You can submit receipts for a percentage back (such as 5%) for one or more retailers.

Savings CatcherSavings Catcher – I absolutely love the simplicity of it. You simply scan the little box at the bottom of your receipt (within 7 days of your purchase) and the app does all the work for you. It will go out and scan local competitor ads for a better price on the items you bought. If it finds a better price you get the difference added to your account. You’ll get paid via a Walmart eGift Card at any time you request.

I know the app has gotten some bad press as the number of items where you can get a price adjustment are quite limited, but time will tell. On the first receipt that I entered my total purchase was $133 and so far I have gotten $2.49 back on 4 separate items that local grocery stores were selling cheaper. Not great, not terrible. If you are a loyal Walmart shopper it is a no-brainer to try it as it only takes 10 seconds to scan your receipt and the app does all of the work for you.
Final Thought

All of these cash back rebate apps are free to download and use, so it doesn’t hurt to give them a shot. Remember, these are rebates, not coupons. That means you can combine these offers with clipped, printed or digital coupons to maximize your savings. Also, check your weekly circular to see if any of the items featured on these apps are on sale.

Each rebate app is a little different in how they work. Some have bonuses or loyalty perks. Others are simple in that you buy products, submit receipt and get paid. I use all the rebate apps and coupons to save a ton at the grocery store each week. How else would I be able to feed my hungry teenagers?

Save money on groceries without coupons!!

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