About Saving Money Now Blog

Saving Money Now is a blog where we urge you to seize every opportunity you can to save money! Coupons are only one part of the equation at Saving Money Now, because the opportunity to save presents itself just about every time you spend. This is a blog where we share ideas about where your next opportunity to save money may be hiding, support those who are on a quest to save their hard earned dollars, and have a little fun with product reviews and giveaways.

We believe in:

  • Sharing savings tips to help you in every aspect of life
  • Discussing coupons, sales, online shopping deals and other ways to save money when you shop
  • Giving you the inside scoop on new products, websites and services through reviews
  • Presenting you with fun giveaways and contests where you can win prizes
  • Exploring all aspects of shopping including research and news
  • And knowing that the next opportunity to save money is EVERYWHERE and it’s just up to you to grab it!

Saving Money Now offers a mix of posts, but all are focused on saving in some way. Love it or hate it, saving is a part of all our lives. Saving Money Now is here to inform, entertain, and help you get the most out of every experience.

About Rhonda

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I am a self-taught couponer and savings specialist. I realized that couponing gave me more than just a skill – it gave me a state of mind that said I DON’T have to pay full price ever again! With that in mind, I started to discover the savings opportunities all around me, whether I used coupons or not.

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