Tuesday Tips: 10 Secrets to Saving Money at Walmart

10 Secrets to Saving Money at Walmart

Walmart is one of the most common places that we go shopping as a society but it is amazing how little people know about them. Walmart has quite a few policies, loopholes and savings opportunities that get ignored or go unused all the time. It is for this reason we bring you these 10 secrets to saving money at Walmart that anyone can use:

1. Buy refurbished electronics

Refurbished electronics sounds scary but it is not at all. When you shop Walmart for electronics, keep an eye out for these awesome bargains. These electronics have been thoroughly checked and certified to be fine and generally carry a similar return policy to the new ones. You can also get a warranty on them that affords you similar protection. The savings can be massive.

2. Shop online

Online shopping can be awesome because they often have choices you don’t have in the store. You also have access to closeout deals not offered in the store.

In some areas Walmart is testing online grocery ordering, ordering groceries online is actually a great way to save money especially if you don’t typically use coupons. By shopping online you only order what you need and you avoid costly impulse purchases from browsing the aisles at the store. It’s also a HUGE time saver especially if you have kids.

3. Shop the clearance aisle

Most Walmart stores have an entire aisle loaded with various clearance items. This is my first stop when I visit Walmart. Hit the clearance aisle and grab up the items you would eventually buy anyway.

Make sure you ask your store where their clearance is located, almost all Walmart stores in my area have a set “area” typically back by Garden and Seasonal or by the Home Goods section where they store their clearance. By tracking down the clearance area you can easily hit this section every time your at Walmart to see what’s new.

4. Learn about Roll Back Prices

Rollbacks are simply the way that Walmart lowers prices. The reason it is so important is because you can quickly identify those deals that are most prominent in the store. These are often found on the end caps and displays.

Walmart rollbacks last for 30-60 days are are typically set by the manufacturer so these tend to be seasonal (Example: Ice Cream will be on Rollback during Summer Months, Turkey during Thanksgiving & Christmas)

5. Price match with coupons and prices

Price matching is awesome with Walmart. If you find a better deal before, during or after a Walmart purchase, Walmart will match or refund the difference. All you need is proof of the other price and it has to be the exact size, make and so on.

You can also match Competitor advertised prices on things like Produce and Meat, This is my FAVORITE way to save at Walmart!

Or if you’re not a fan of price matching in stores make sure you download the Savings Catcher App and scan your receipt after you shop. Walmart will automatically give you the difference if they find any of the items you purchased at a lower price at another store.

6. Walmart is Twitter active with deal offers

Twitter and even Facebook offers up all kinds of special deals throughout the month. Be sure to join up with them on social media and take advantage when these are sent across.

7. Get to know your butcher’s discount days

Butchers at Walmart generally have a routine when it comes to marking down meats. If you spend a bit of time getting to know the butcher, you can quickly figure out these routines. This can help you save huge amounts on foods and frozen meats.

I have found that just simply asking the butcher what day they typically mark down meat is a great way to figure out their patterns. Also, ask what time they get to work, most stores mark down meat first thing in the morning, if your butcher starts at 9am check your store around 10-12 for discounted meat. If they start earlier you may want to hit your store first thing in the morning.

8. Work the overage policy

Walmart is one of the few places that allows you to keep the overage when your coupons exceed the register price. This can lead to awesome savings if you are coupon savvy.

Overage happens when your coupon value is HIGHER than the price of the item. For Example a $1 item and a $2 coupon will actually get the item for FREE + You save $1 on everything else you are buying.

9. Attend in-store events

Walmart throws occasional in store events like summer savings and seasonal opportunities. These can net you some awesome bargains and savings. These often include Free Coupon Books, In Store Samples and more!

10. Grab the samples off the website

Free samples? Yes, please. Visit Walmart.com and keep a close look out for free samples. They are offered up all the time and the early birds get the majority of the worms. Don’t be left out! It is easy to visit fairly regularly.

Walmart is a great place to shop and low priced to begin with. These secrets can add even more to your savings.

Source: 10 Secrets to Saving Money at Walmart

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