Wednesday Whatever: Last Minute Halloween Costumes

If you’re reading this, it’s too late.

Let’s face it, you were most likely living your best life in the real world so Halloween costume shopping wasn’t exactly high on your to-do list; it happens.  Now it’s 2 hours before that costume party all your friends are going to and you don’t have anything to wear.  Don’t be that one weirdo in regular clothes. Instead, try out one of these cheeky last-minute costume ideas so you can join in on the fun. Focusing on minimal effort and maximum convenience, I’ve put together a list of 4 easy-to-DIY costumes that require little more than the arts & crafts skills of a 4th grader and hopefully some items you already own!

Now get to it – you’ve got to leave for the party soon…


Groundbreaking, right? Purely for the massive amount of real-life LOL’s this will bring to the party, consider this your top choice. This costume basically needs no explanation. With nothing more than a $10 flat sheet (or the one from your bed can work) and a pair of scissors, you’ve got a cheeky QUICK costume. Unfortunately, ghosts don’t have noses so you’ll be the annoying mouth-breather all night but a small price to pay for maximum laugh potential. For the extra time-strapped (or just supremely lazy), you can also forgo the scissors and opt for a sharpie – just draw on the face. And for the extra ambitious last-minute Halloween partygoer, stop by your local convenience store and pick up a pumpkin basket to complete your holiday look.


Consider this a more advanced last-minute costume for those of you responsible enough to have more than one extra roll of toilet paper lying around.  Start by outfitting yourself in all white. (It’ll help disguise the gaps in your toilet paper rolling technique and serve as a good base for when someone inevitably decides to rip off your costume.) The next step may require some assistance from a friend because you’ll need to wrap yourself from head to toe in toilet paper, tucking in, taping, or tying the ends of each roll as you go along. And…that’s it. If you want to ensure that your costume makes it through the night, consider making this costume out of elastic bandage wraps. Then again, you probably don’t care that much if you’re here in the first place.


So this costume is all about the makeup. If you have a girlfriend or access to makeup, you’ve saved yourself an important step. First start with some old clothes then shred, rip, and tear them up a little. Then take fake blood or rep lipstick and strategically cover your face and clothes with it. I’d suggest drawing some blood stains around your mouth to get the full effect. Bonus points if you can paint your face white to achieve that realistic “undead” look.


This option is for the guy with a more extensive wardrobe. Things you’ll need to pull this off: plaid shirt, blue denim, brown boots, bandana. Tuck a plaid shirt into your jeans and tie the bandana “shoot em up”-style around the front of your neck. If you happen to have an old western hat or large rodeo belt buckle lying around, great! Add that to your costume for maximum effect. If not, try to play yourself off as a cowboy anyway and if that doesn’t work, you can always say you’re a farmer.

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