Thursday Tools: Best Rate Comparison Tools

best-money-saving-resource-rate-compareBest Rate Comparison Tools

The following websites help you compare rates on credit cards, cell phone plans, insurance plans, bank accounts (CDs, checking, and savings accounts), and even gas and real estate prices.


Save money on gas by comparing prices for gas stations in your area.  Gasoline prices change frequently and may vary by as much as 20 percent within only a few blocks.  GasBuddy makes it easy to comparison shop gas prices because they have the most comprehensive and accurate database of gas prices.


Get a list of cell phone plans or credit cards that are better than what you have in less than 5 minutes. Answer a few questions about your current credit card or cell phone plan (or have BillShrink do it automatically by uploading your last statement), and BillShrink will recommend better phone plans or credit cards that fit your needs.

Credit Karma

Track your credit score for free and save money by getting customized offers (credit cards, loans, savings accounts, etc) based on your score. Offers are voted on by you and your fellow Credit Karma users, so the best offers rise to the top.


Crowdsource your mortgage rate research. SmartHippo is a community of people who post their reviews of mortgages, banks, and lenders. You can use this information to find the best rates and loan officers in your area.


The best-in-class comparison site for financial products like mortgage rates, home equity loans, CDs, car loans, credit cards, and money market accounts. Bankrate provides several helpful financial calculators including a refinance calculator, mortgage payment calculator, auto loan monthly payments, CD earnings, FICO score estimator, 401k savings calculator, and more. Check out Bankrate before signing up for a new financial account to make sure you’re getting the best rates available.


Most comprehensive and easiest to use tracker of real estate prices. Get historical prices for a house and compare home prices around the neighborhood. Must-have resource for home owners, buyers, and sellers.


Find the best checking account in your area. Just enter your zip code and compare the checkings accounts banks and credit unions in your area are offering. You can signup for a checking account immediately online.


Compare credit cards, bank rates, loans, and other financial products tailored to your specific situation. You select the options that are important to you, set ranges for your personal habits, and get a recommended list of financial products catering to your specific situation.

Get quotes from over 200 trusted insurance companies instantly online. You can anonymously customize needs and enter any relevant pre-existing condition, so you get accurate quotes without divulging personal information.


Find the highest interest rate you can collect on your savings or CD deposit right now. You enter the amount you’re looking to deposit into a high-yield savings account or CD, then member banks (all FDIC insured) bid on the interest rate they’re willing to pay you. The bidding occurs in just a few minutes, and highest interest rate being bid climbs higher in front of your eyes. The winning interest rate offer is only good for 30 minutes.

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