Tuesday Tips: Free Shipping & Coupon Code Sites

Christmas is coming and with that comes a flurry of shopping. As most of you know, I’m all about keeping it simple. I think we’re often guilty of over-materializing this holiday to the point that the true meaning can get buried underneath all the wrapping paper and bows.

If you’ve got your Christmas budget in place and your gift list made and you’re ready to begin shopping, here are a few ways to make your money go farther when shopping online:

1) Don’t pay for shipping. When I order online, I pretty much refuse to pay for shipping. It’s just not worth it to me to have to pay high shipping prices–even if the online deal is spectacular.

I’ve found, though, that if you’re willing to look around and be patient, you can almost buy just about anything online without paying for shipping. Many stores offer free shipping year-round on a minimum order or they offer free shipping codes at various times throughout the year. Check FreeShipping.org to find free shipping codes and offers available at thousands of stores online.

It’s best to shop when an online store is running a free shipping special which requires no extra code so then you can not only get free shipping, but you can also get a percentage off your order by using a coupon code (see point #2).

2) Use a coupon code. I’ve tried a lot of different coupon code websites and I’ve also tried Googling for coupon codes, but nothing compares to RetailMeNot.com. They are the best coupon code website in existence so far. All you have to do is go to their homepage, search for the store you’re planning to shop from, and ta-da! you have a long list of coupon codes which have been rated by their large community of users. Learn about more coupon code websites here.

It is very rare that I’m not able to find at least one coupon code from the long list which works for me. And for possibly 1-2 minutes of effort, that coupon code will usually save me at least 10% off my order–sometimes even as much as 25%!

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