Saturday Shopping: Money-saving shopping secret for women travelers

Need some comfy clothes for that next girlfriend getaway?


Finding some that feel great while also offering affordability can be as simple as walking across the store to the men’s section. Basic, classic items are typically a few bucks cheaper than they are in the women’s section, which makes them a great way to pinch pennies when necessary. Depending on the size of your curves, you might even be able to take things one step further by purchasing large sizes of simple clothing in the boys department including plain cotton dress shirts, cardigans and even outerwear by popular preppy designers who routinely crank out classic, unisex clothing items.

Items in the boys department will save you even more than the men’s versions, provided you can get lucky and score the larger sizes before the racks get picked clean.

Shirts: Plain, button-down dress shirts, basic V-neck tees and even over sized layering sweaters can all be picked up for less. Granted, you’re not going to find frilly, but you can always add femininity to the outfit with jewelry, glittery hair accessories or even a trendy scarf. Over sized shirts can be worn under sweaters and also with leggings for a variety of wardrobe options on the road.

Another cool perk is the darker colors used for most sweaters and dressy tees. They are much less prone to staining, meaning you don’t need to replace them nearly as often or stop to find laundry as frequently on a whirlwind trip. Bonus? A fair number of men’s tops come designed with relaxed chest space to accommodate bulkier bodybuilders. This means being able to skip paying the additional upgrade fee for plus size if your girls are a D cup or larger like mine. Score!

Shoes: Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a girly girl at heart, completely in love with my pumps and strappy sandals. When it comes to active footwear however, I’m not above crossing the aisle. For example, an iconic pair of Converse low-cut canvas sneakers looks virtually the same whether your buy them in the women’s section or the men’s. They’re less than 50 bucks, pack flat and can be tossed in the washing machine with your towels and a little spray-on stain remover after an active travel day.

If I need something with a little more tread and support, shopping for men’s athletic shoes allows me to skip the lighter colors that stain easily and are more difficult to get clean. I’ve known other women to embrace men’s penny loafers or even biker boots if that’s their scene.

Pants: Personally, I’m a little too hippy to pull this off for much more than an affordable alternative to overpriced women’s boyfriend jeans. While I love pairing them with ankle boots, a zip sweater and a camisole, that’s pretty much the only pant trick I can pull out of my menswear hat. Women with more of a rectangular build can expand into khakis, corduroys or even cargo pants with rolled up ankles and a pair of heels. It’s all about what you pair with them.

Extras: Incidental wardrobe items are another category to consider. Ankle-cut athletic socks, hats, neck warmers and finger-less gloves can all be picked up for less. If you and your boo are a similar size, you can even pick up multi-packs of things such as socks and tees to fill in when things get worn out during a longer trip. Keep in mind that clothing isn’t the only department where men’s items will cost you less. Personal care items can cost less as well. For example my husband and I typically share a $2 unscented Arm & Hammer Ultramax deodorant because I don’t care for the more masculine scents. However, this is a product I’d feel comfortable buying as a single woman as well, and the price is right.

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