Thursday Tools: Best Online Money Management Tools

Best Online Money Management

Here are ten online money management tools to help you figure out where your money is going.


The easiest way to keep track of your finances online. Take 5 minutes to set up an account by adding your bank, credit card, and investment account info. After that quick initial setup, Mint will start tracking your spending and generating useful budget reports for you. It’ll even send you notices when your bills are due. Mint can make any lazy man feel like a financial genius.


SpringCoin is an online debt relief coach that paves a clear “get out of debt” roadmap. When you connect your accounts with SpringCoin, this online tool will help you create a budget and give you personalized spending insights on how you can cut down on your expenses. You can earn reward points for completing weekly goals and challenges which takes minutes to complete. SpringCoin’s easy to visualize calendar will help you remind you of important due dates for all your bills, say goodbye to late fees!


Hands-free savings account for specific goals or purchases. You set a goal and choose the amount you want to contribute each month to reach that goal, and SmartyPig automatically pulls that amount from your checking account each month. You can make your goals public to friends and family, so they can contribute to your goal if they want to. Just like a savings account at your local bank, SmartyPig pays an interest on the money deposited and all deposits are insured by the FDIC. You can withdraw your money at any time via a debit card or electronic transfer.


This awesome app is like Google Notebook on steroids. It helps simplify your life with free online notebooks to organize, share and tackle life’s tasks and projects. Springpad automates access to the Web’s most popular transactional services, and makes it easy to interact and personalize useful advice from bloggers and online publishers. Think of it as the ultimate cheatsheet and to do list all rolled into one.


The 1% of money management software you actually need. Nothing more, nothing less. PearBudget solves one specific problem and solves it well. It helps you create a simple budget and stick to it.


Thrive brings all your financial accounts into one place so you can easily see what you have, what you owe, and where you can grow. Thrive’s Health Score function — which predicts your financial stability using many of the same tools and indicators that financial planners provide for the affluent — is what really sets it apart from its competitors.

Quicken Personal Finance

A minimal version of the popular Quicken money management software, Quicken Online is free and lets you track what you’re spending and where.


Buxfer makes it easy to track IOUs and shared expenses among friends. Use it to split expenses like rent, utilities, poker debts, and group dinners among friends. You can also use it to track your own expenses like a traditional money management tool.


Get a birds-eye view of your credit cards. Alerts you when your bill is due or your rate changes (like if you get a credit card with a teaser rate). RateSurfer can even automatically transfer your balances to the lowest rate card. It’s a download, not a website, so your account information is never on a third-party server. An essential tool if you’re balancing several cards.


File your taxes online. It’s fast, cheap, and easy at TurboTax. TurboTax is made by Intuit (makers of Quicken and Quickbooks), a well-established and trusted financial software company.

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