Saturday Shopping: 5 favorite apps that help save on shopping

Raising kids is a costly venture. So, saving money wherever we can is a pretty big deal.

Take extreme coupon-ing, for example. The amount of money some people save on this is incredible.

I am all about apps on my phone that save, or better yet, earn me some money. As a self-proclaimed “extreme app user”, I thought I’d share some of the mobile apps that I use most often.

Ibotta (

This site focuses on giving cash back for everyday purchases. From grocery items to apparel and electronics, there are stores that can help you earn. In my case, the bulk of my earnings comes from grocery shopping. The app gives you a list of items, name brand and generic, that you can purchase to receive cash back, ranging from 20 cents for generic items to upward of $4 for certain name-brand items. You have to unlock the rebates by doing simple things like answering poll questions and watching videos associated with the app or products. From there, you buy and scan bar codes of the items, share a picture of your receipt, and cash in on the rebates. It sounds time-consuming but it really isn’t. (Currently, I’ve got $65 in my account, which I’ll leave there until Christmas time.)

Ebates (

If you do any online shopping whatsoever, this is a must-use app or website. It links you to hundreds of stores from which you can purchase items. Each store you buy from will give you a percentage back on your total purchase. The percentages range from place to place, but you’re getting money back on items you’re purchasing anyway.

Shopkick (

I’ve just started using this one, but it appears to be the easiest one of the bunch. You collect points, or kicks, for simply walking into stores with your location services on. Extra points can be earned for scanning bar codes and making purchases. The app also provides coupons to save money on specific items. Rewards for your kicks points come in the form of gift cards, of which there is a plethora to choose from.

Raise (

This is a peer-to-peer gift card marketplace where members can buy gift cards at discount prices and sell their unwanted cards for cash. Gift card sellers may list physical gift cards, electronic gift cards and merchandise credits from nearly any local or national retailer. To sell your gift card it must have a minimum value of $20. Free shipping is included with any gift card order from A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered with every purchase, and every gift card and transaction that takes place on the site is verified by their risk department. often has promo codes to help you save even more.

RetailMeNot (

There’s nothing to earn through this site, but plenty of options to save. It’s essentially an online coupon website for numerous stores that allows you to save online and in stores. You can save on shipping costs and on the price of items you buy.

There are plenty of apps out there that will help you save and earn money. Let me know which ones you’re using and what they’re doing for you!

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