Sunday Savings: 5 Ways To Save Money At Starbucks

Coffee On The Cheap

five ways to save money at starbucksStarbucks is one of the most popular coffee chains in the world, with roughly 7,500 retail locations across the nation and many more situated worldwide. Some people have even developed a regular Starbucks habit, traveling to the stores several days a week for their morning or afternoon coffee fix.While Starbucks coffee is delicious, it can also be pretty pricey, putting a serious dent in your wallet with each visit. To help you keep more of your cash, here are five easy ways to save money at Starbucks every time you go.

Sign Up With My Starbucks Rewards

The My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program is a great way to save money at Starbucks. When you register with Starbucks online and provide your birthdate, the company will send you a discount code for your birthday that you can redeem for a free coffee. You will also receive a birthday coupon for 15 percent off a purchase at Starbucks Store online and custom offers sent to your email if you opt in. Certain conditions may apply for the offers, so be sure to read everything before trying to redeem them.


Opt For The “Short” Size

People that rarely finish an entire “tall” coffee before it gets cold can save money at Starbucks by asking for a “short” instead. While not regularly featured on the menu boards, most Starbucks will allow you to order your coffee as a “short” 8 oz. portion. You can also get free refills if you consume your coffee while still in the store.

Bring Your Own Mug

Many people do not know that Starbucks offers a small discount on your coffee purchase if you are using your own mug to carry it. Having regular customers bring their own mug saves Starbucks money by reducing the number of disposable cups that they use and they pass that savings onto their customers. While the discount is slight, if you are a regular visitor it will add up to a considerable amount of money over time.

Ask For Gift Cards

If you are a frequent visitor to Starbucks, consider listing gift cards to Starbucks as one of your holiday or birthday gifts. Because they allow the buyer to choose how much to give, they are an easy choice for many gift givers and you will probably be able to use the card several times to save money on coffee before it is out of money. Supporting a Starbucks habit is much easier on your bank account when you are using gift cards for many of your purchases.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

There are a number of venues available for getting Starbucks gift cards at a discount. Sites like eBay regularly have Starbucks gift cards for sale. Online sites Raise and GiftcardGranny allow people to turn in their unwanted gift cards for cash and then sells those gift cards at a slightly higher rate than they purchased them for. The prices the gift cards are sold for depend on their demand and can vary from site to site, so check out several sites before making your purchase.


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