Sunday Savings: On Groceries and Food Towards Our Financial and Physical Well-Being

Before I continue further, I need to confess that I am an amazing cook (yes, I’m one of those lucky few who possess the skills to know exactly how to cook everything in their head but never put it in action).  This piece is done through research, observing what my wife does and asking her questions. 
I must be the luckiest person on the face of this planet.  I have an incredible wife, who not only cooks for the family but showed me that we can actually be financially and physically healthy by just eating at home.  Let me share with you some of the benefits.

Never Overspend
Unlike common practice, we never buy the largest container for sale just because the unit price is lower. We found that buying in bulk usually just means we consume more (ex. If we had a bigger container of salt, each spoon full would be just a bit “fuller”).

Ever since that realization, we started buying smaller packages. Not only did this save us a few bucks, we also noticed that we started slimming down. It must be less ice-cream and Coke at night.

Decide Our Menu Based Upon Items On Sale
Well, I make it sound like I decide the menu but it’s actually my wife that does the thinking since she is the expert (I do make requests from time to time but I rarely have any ideas).

More often than not, we go to the grocery store without even knowing what we will buy. It’s not that we don’t like planning, but we would often decide what we will eat based on what’s on sale. Beyond the obvious financial benefit, we actually like the surprises this brings us.

Eating Out or Bringing Home Take Out
Now that we eat at home most of the time, we eat out less often. I work at home and Emma even prepares a lunch box for me from the night before. It’s not always the money that I save, but the hassle and time that I could spend elsewhere that I really cherish.

Save Some Gas
I heard that there are some grocery stores that allow you to shop online. I haven’t tried it but I just don’t know if I like that idea. In theory, you could save some gas but they charge you for delivery (some stores have promotional offers to waive the delivery fee). I can see this working for those that buy the same type of groceries but this convenience might be “too easy” which makes us buy even more.

What we do to save gas is that we will almost never go make a trip just to the grocery store. We buy groceries on our way home from doing something else, or Emma would go there on her way home from work. We just add it as another activity of the day, instead of making a ton of separate trips.

Coupons are Everywhere
Through the mail and the Internet, coupons are all over the place and is practically available for everything. Nowadays, I almost never buy something without first trying to search for a coupon. I actually find it quite fun to read the mailings and see what’s on sale. Sure it’s advertisements, but since groceries don’t really entice me to buy that much (unlike golf clubs for example), I find that looking at advertisements from grocery stores are okay.

There’s Got to Be More
So I shared some ways that our family benefits with our “groceries” habits, now it’s your turn. What do you do to save money on food and what are your thoughts on what we do? Of special interest is actually the online grocery experience since I wouldn’t mind trying it out one day. Let us know.

Several of my friends are signed up and they find they are able to eat at home more because the instructions are easy to follow, making everything convenient. The deal also comes with grocery shopping lists, which saves so much time. Check it out yourself by clicking here and you too may be able to save more and become healthier in the process.

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