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Tuesday Tips: 11 Tips For Making Your Garage Sale Great

11 tips for making your garage sale great.


Consider this: the average household has 300,000 items or another way to look at it, there are more things in your home than there are people in Cincinnati. As comedian George Carlin might have said, thats a lot of stuff.

So before the temperature drops and depending on where you live the leaves drop too, its the ideal time to have a weekend garage or yard sale and clear out what you dont need or use.

Here are our top 11 suggestions for a successful sale:

  • Double-check with your municipality. Some require a permit or specify the time of day you’re allowed to have a sale.
  • Give yourself two to four weeks to prepare for the sale. You’ll need to dig through your stuff, decide what you’re selling, and price and organize everything for sale day.
  • If you’re planning a yard sale, rather than a garage sale, have a backup plan in case it rains.
  • If you live in an apartment or condominium, speak to your superintendent or condo board about holding a sale with other residents on the front lawn or in the lobby.
  • If you haven’t used an item in over two years, consider selling it. If you forgot you even had it, definitely sell it.
  • No matter what you think your valuables are worth, everyone else will think they’re worth less. Do research on Google or eBay to see what similar second-hand or vintage items sell for. Tag your items accordingly but be prepared to discount them.
  • Make sure not to use super-sticky tags that might ruin an item when they’re removed.
  • Start early 8 a.m. is a reasonable time to roll up your garage door but remember, no matter what time you advertise, eager neighbors and bargain hunters will show up an hour earlier or even the evening before. Be prepared and be flexible. The purpose, after all, is to sell your stuff.
  • Drop off flyers to all your neighbors and surrounding streets to let them know about the sale and plant a garage sale sign on your front lawn early in the week. Like good gossip, news of garage sales travels fast in most neighborhoods.
  • You’re not just trying to make money, you’re trying to clear out clutter, so offer customers discounts if they take multiple items, for instance, buy 5 items and get an extra 10% off.
  • Have lots of small bills so you can make change easily. If someone insists on giving you 20- or 50-dollar notes, encourage them to buy more items. And don’t accept 100’s, they’re more likely to be counterfeit.

Best day to hold your sale: Saturday

Best time to start: 7 a.m.

Least-loved items: stuffed animals, TVs and magazines

Best-loved items: Tools, collectibles and sports equipment

Finally, 97% of customers leave within 2 minutes if they dont see anything so get their attention!

Monday Motivation: How can Self-Motivation Help You Save Money?

How can Self-Motivation Help You Save Money?


In these times of crisis, there is no better way than to use self-motivation to save some money. This is because if you were motivated enough, you would not be thinking of buying things that you really don’t need for the moment.

Experts say that now, more than ever, people should start gaining enough self-motivation to fight the urge in spending more that what they are actually earning. They all agree that if people are well motivated on the importance of saving up for the future, there are greater chances for them to succeed in life.


If you have self-motivation, no matter where you look at it, there will be always ways to save money. If you are one of those people who are trying to come up with ways to save money in this unstable economy, developing a simple lifestyle is the best motivation that you could have. When you have mustered enough motivation to save money, the rest will then follow.

Earn Cash Back Shopping Online!

Self-motivation can indeed be enough for a person to save money, here are some of some simple ways to get started:

1. Try cutting down on grocery or shopping sprees. Buying groceries is a necessity. But, this doesn’t mean that there’s no opportunity for you to save. For a person to save money, before going to a supermarket he or she must conduct an inventory on your supplies. This will help the person determine how much more they have ion the house and can help them estimate the period of time that these supplies will last.

After knowing what are the things needed, make a list to prioritize the items that are of utmost importance. The same formula can be used when shopping for clothes and other accessories. To save money, the key is to limit expenses on the items that you really need and keep whatever cash one has at hand.

2. Collect as many coupons as you can. It takes great motivation for one to keep things that may seem cheap to other people such as coupons. But if one is really motivated to save money, he or she wouldn’t care because these days, coupons are not only applicable to just groceries only. In fact, major establishments such as restaurants, cinemas and even boutiques accept and give out coupons to its customers to offer a discount. If one keeps these coupons, they can get a little discount on establishments that they usually go to and would actually save money in the long run.


3. Whenever possible, commute. Using a car these days is not really advisable because of the gas price hike. One can save lots of money if he or she would take advantage of public transportation or even carpools. Aside from saving some money on gas, they can also save some more since they don’t have to pay for the car’s maintenance and parking.

4. Less energy means more money. Experts say that if only many people will use self-motivation to save money, then there would be lesser problems in terms of energy usage. Today, the fact remains that many people do not realize it but one of the best ways to save money is to save energy.

So, for people to be motivated to save money and energy through electricity, they should make it a habit to unplug cables from their outlets when they don’t use them.

Sunday Saving: 10 Habits That Could Help You Save Thousands

10 Habits That Could Help You Save Thousands

money saving habits

There is a good chance you have resolved at some point in your life to kick a bad money habit. Maybe it is shopping when you are bored, making impulse purchases or even trying to time the market.

Instead of taking the negative approach of trying to eliminate a behavior, try to make a positive change by adopting a good money habit. That’s what these money experts did. Here are ten money-saving tips they have incorporated to spend less, take control of their finances and save thousands of dollars.


1. Put Purchases in Perspective

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, creator of the Making Sense of Cents blog, asks herself before making a purchase how long she would have to work in order to pay for it.

“Thinking about a car, a house or even small purchases such as clothing this way can really make you debate how badly you need an item,” she said. “This has helped me save thousands of dollars.”

A similar approach is to ask yourself whether a purchase will take you closer to or away from your goals, and whether it’s the best value for your money.

“This question-habit eliminates any need for budgeting or self-discipline by replacing it with awareness that occurs at the point of spending,” said Todd Tresidder, financial coach at “Your spending will drop and your savings will increase automatically without any sense of deprivation or scarcity.”

2. Pay Yourself First

To save money, you have to make it a priority to pay yourself first, said Barry Choi of the Money We Have blog. Getting into this habit is “incredibly easy if you simply set up automatic withdrawals and sync them with your pay cycle,” he said. “This way, your money will go right into your savings account without you even noticing it’s gone.”

3. Brown-Bag Your Lunch

When Grayson Bell of Debt Roundup was knee-deep in debt, he stopped eating out at work and started bringing lunch from home every day – something he still does now because it’s become a habit. Bell calculated that he saved about $125 a month by brown-bagging his lunch, and he put that money toward his debt, which is paid off now.


4. Walk Everywhere

Walking is a great way to get some exercise and save money. This is a frugal living habit of Amanda Abella, author of Make Money Your Honey, who has never owned a car.

“I learned at an early age how to get around walking or with public transit in a city, and it saves me a ton of money,” she said. According to AAA, the annual cost of owning and operating a vehicle is $8,698. So walking rather than driving can save you thousands.

5. Carpool

If walking to work isn’t an option, you still can save money on transportation by carpooling. Esther Kim, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, joined a carpool with her colleagues at ForUsAll, which offers 401k plans for small companies. With everyone pitching in for gas and parking, carpooling is cheaper than public transportation, Kim said.

6. Eat Leftovers

Americans waste a lot of money on uneaten food that gets tossed — about $28 to $43 a month, according to the National Resource Defense Council. That’s why it pays to learn to love leftovers. Julie Rains, founder of the Investing to Thrive blog, said that her habit of re-purposing leftovers for lunch has saved her $5 to $7 a day.


7. Get Cash Back

Paying only with cash is a good way to make sure you don’t spend more than you have. But if you’re responsible with credit, you should make it a habit to get cash back on your purchases by using a cash rewards credit card or shopping on websites that let you earn back a percentage of the money you spend on purchases, said Brent Shelton, a shopping expert with cash-back site

“Cash back adds up much faster if you just make sure it’s part of your purchasing routine,” he said. Motivate yourself to make it a money-management habit by setting a goal to earn a certain amount of cash back each year.

8. Refuse to Pay Full Price

One way to save money is to refuse to pay full price for anything, said Karen Hoxmeier, owner of deal site

“Make it a goal to get some sort of discount on everything you purchase, whether it is groceries, a haircut or the latest tech gadget,” she said. “Taking the time to research pricing, compare options and looking for ways to get it cheaper will save lots of money.”

9. Give Yourself Time to Think About Purchases

To avoid impulse purchases, Jim Wang of personal finance blog Wallet Hacks said he has gotten into the habit of making himself wait 48 hours after seeing something before actually purchasing it. This gives him time to go home, research the price and decide how much he really wants the item.

“About half the time I end up buying it online where it’s cheaper; the other half, I forget about it,” Wang said. “If I forget, then I probably didn’t really want it that badly.”

10. Challenge Friends to Come up With Cheap Fun

If you’re trying to save money, you don’t have to give up going out with your friends. Instead, challenge them to come up with free or cheap activities, said Tana Gildea, author of the “The Graduate’s Guide to Money.”

“Peanut butter sandwiches on the top of a mountain one summer evening after a hike is about as cheap as it gets, and you’d be surprised how great a PBJ tastes after you have climbed a mountain,” she said. You could also fly a kite in the park or have cheap beers around the neighborhood pool rather than pricey drinks at a nightclub.

“I promise, the crazy things you end up doing will be more fun and more memorable than another burger at another joint,” Gildea said.


Source: 9 Habits That Could Help You Save Thousands | GOBankingRates

Saturday Shopping: 5 favorite apps that help save on shopping

Raising kids is a costly venture. So, saving money wherever we can is a pretty big deal.

Take extreme coupon-ing, for example. The amount of money some people save on this is incredible.

I am all about apps on my phone that save, or better yet, earn me some money. As a self-proclaimed “extreme app user”, I thought I’d share some of the mobile apps that I use most often.

Ibotta (

This site focuses on giving cash back for everyday purchases. From grocery items to apparel and electronics, there are stores that can help you earn. In my case, the bulk of my earnings comes from grocery shopping. The app gives you a list of items, name brand and generic, that you can purchase to receive cash back, ranging from 20 cents for generic items to upward of $4 for certain name-brand items. You have to unlock the rebates by doing simple things like answering poll questions and watching videos associated with the app or products. From there, you buy and scan bar codes of the items, share a picture of your receipt, and cash in on the rebates. It sounds time-consuming but it really isn’t. (Currently, I’ve got $65 in my account, which I’ll leave there until Christmas time.)

Ebates (

If you do any online shopping whatsoever, this is a must-use app or website. It links you to hundreds of stores from which you can purchase items. Each store you buy from will give you a percentage back on your total purchase. The percentages range from place to place, but you’re getting money back on items you’re purchasing anyway.

Shopkick (

I’ve just started using this one, but it appears to be the easiest one of the bunch. You collect points, or kicks, for simply walking into stores with your location services on. Extra points can be earned for scanning bar codes and making purchases. The app also provides coupons to save money on specific items. Rewards for your kicks points come in the form of gift cards, of which there is a plethora to choose from.

Raise (

This is a peer-to-peer gift card marketplace where members can buy gift cards at discount prices and sell their unwanted cards for cash. Gift card sellers may list physical gift cards, electronic gift cards and merchandise credits from nearly any local or national retailer. To sell your gift card it must have a minimum value of $20. Free shipping is included with any gift card order from A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered with every purchase, and every gift card and transaction that takes place on the site is verified by their risk department. often has promo codes to help you save even more.

RetailMeNot (

There’s nothing to earn through this site, but plenty of options to save. It’s essentially an online coupon website for numerous stores that allows you to save online and in stores. You can save on shipping costs and on the price of items you buy.

There are plenty of apps out there that will help you save and earn money. Let me know which ones you’re using and what they’re doing for you!

Friday Freebies: How to Get Free Food

Free food – in a time when grocery prices are shooting up and up it sounds like a wonderful dream. Fortunately, it’s not an unobtainable dream. Here are ten ways to put free food on your table:

Steak and chips - Diana Jarvis/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images
Diana Jarvis/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

Mystery Shop

Become a mystery shopper, and enjoy free (or even profitable) meals out on the town.


Learn how to identify edible foods in the wild, and enhance your diet with free-for-the-taking fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and nuts. Many mycological societies and agriculture extensions offer guided wild food tours, so start there, if you’re new to foraging.



Employ the right coupon strategies, and you could walk out of the grocery store with a cart (or at least a bag) full of free food.

Request Freebies

Free offers abound on the web. Sign up for every cereal sample, granola bar and snack that you can find, and enjoy a few meals on someone else’s dime.


Money may rule the world, but it doesn’t have to rule yours. Barter your skills and services for the foods that you need. A quick car repair or a bit of mending work could turn into your next meal.

Accept Other’s Surplus

Know someone with a bumper crop of zucchini or tomatoes? Then, let him know you’d be happy to share in his bounty. Gardeners are always looking for someone to pawn their surpluses onto.


Seek Out Free Meals

Festivals, church events, meetings, grand openings, receptions – it seems every occasion includes food these days. Keep a look out for any event that offers free food to the public, and take advantage of it. You can easily knock out one meal a week this way – even if it’s just light hors d’oeuvres. Free is free.

Start a Perennial Food Garden

Annuals get all of the attention in the world of edible plants, but it’s perennials that are the real bargain. Start a garden of perennial herbs, vegetables, fruits and legumes, and every harvest after the first will be free.


Where do all of those grocery store cast offs go? Usually straight to the dumpster. But, despair not, because they may soon be rescued. There’s a subculture known as freeganism that attempts to put that waste to good use. Read up on the freegan lifestyle, and form your own opinion about this growing free food trend:

Enter Sweepstakes

Set aside a few minutes each day to enter sweepstakes with restaurant meals and groceries as prizes. Someone has to win, so why not you?

Source: How To Get Free Food


Thursday Tools: Gift Card Granny Newsletter

This is just one of the tools I use to save money. Gift Card Granny is a website that compares rates on discounted gift cards so you can find the best deal. See below for some awesome deals going on right now.


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Source: Gift Card Granny Newsletter