Thursday Tools: Savings Challenge

I ran across the Savings Challenge the other day while surfing the web and thought well this sounds pretty cool, so I am sharing it with you as a great tool for saving money. See below for some information and click the link to go set up your Savings Challenge.



Saving up for that dream vacation? Setting aside money for your children’s college education? Choose the challenge that matches your savings goal and then set your specific goals.


Make a PLAN and track your progress

Creating a plan is simple. Just choose from a set of fun, creative daily savings tasks. Then, track the dollars you’ve saved by checking off your completed tasks each day, on the web or on your phone.

Get SUPPORT from a community

See what tasks savers are doing and who has reached their goals and get inspired. Plus, learn valuable savings tips and advice from our blog.


Achieve and share your SUCCESS

As saving becomes a part of your daily life, you’ll see your savings add up. When you reach your goal, share your savings story and encourage others to accomplish their own goals.

So, that’s the basics of Savings Challenge, so CLICK HERE to check it out!

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